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4 Hand Thai Massage

Any visitor to Thailand will be familiar with traditional Thai massage, yet few have ever experienced a 4 hand Thai massage. Our therapists are trained extensively on how to synchronise their Thai massage skills into a harmonious duet of deep muscle relaxation.

Knees, elbows, feet and hands are used to press deep into tight and aching muscles, thereby allowing them to release long-held tension and relax. Not for those who are sensitive to pressure, this massage will leave you feeling stretched, loosened and deeply relaxed.

Recommended for: Anyone suffering from aches and pains in the body, anyone who has been sitting down for long periods traveling, people wanting to experience traditional Thai healing hands.
Benefits: Deep muscular relaxation, awakening of the body’s energy lines, deep lymph movement, accelerated elimination of toxins, deep oxygenation of muscles and tendons
Time:   1.5 hour Approximate cost in USD

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