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Ayurvedic Consultation

A personal consultation with our Ayurvedic specialist is ideal for customers who are seeking a deeper level of understanding about their overall level of mental, physical and emotional health. Our Ayurvedic specialist will offer their lifetime of expertise in helping you to better identify areas of concern and how they can be best resolved. This consultation includes a personal dosha analysis, pulse analysis, electro-dermal screening analysis, a blood group determination test, blood group based dietary recommendations, detailed explanation of suitable Ayurvedic and detoxing treatments and useful practical guidelines on how to cultivate a deeper level of vital health and inner balance.

Recommended for: People suffering from a specific ailment or condition that may require our doctor’s professional opinion before any detoxing or Ayurvedic treatments are conducted. People who are needing a deeper level of understanding about their current state of health.
Benefits: a deeper level of self awareness in regards to the physical body, internal processes, mental health, the balancing and harmonizing of emotional states and an introduction to practical steps that you can take with you into the future.
Time:   30 minutes Approximate cost in USD

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