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Shiroabhyanga is a beautiful combination of the Shirodhara and Abhyanga treatments in one. Firstly, the deeply relaxing Shirodhara treatment is given; warmed medicated oils are gentle drizzled onto the forehead over 45 minutes. This delightful sensation melts away all chatter and mental activity leaving the mind calmed, cooled and refreshed.

Secondly, the gentle but firm hand massage movements of Abhyanga are given to the entire head, neck and shoulders. This loosens tight muscles and encourages much needed blood circulation that flooding the head with oxygen-rich blood and helping to remove harmful toxins.

This treatment nourishes the five senses by focusing on the ‘marma points’, many of which are located around the head. These points, when gently massaged have a hugely calming and balancing effect throughout the body and nervous system.

The oils used for this treatment are specifically chosen according to your dominant dosha constitution type.

Recommended for: excess Vata and Pita, headaches, high stress levels, insomnia, scalp problems, clouded or frustrated mindExcess Vata and Pita, headaches, high stress levels, insomnia, scalp problems, clouded or frustrated mind
Benefits: deep relaxation, balancing of the nervous system, improved and enhanced sensor perception, improved blood circulation the brain, strengthened hair roots, improved hair condition, promotes natural detoxification of the lymph glands around the neck and armpits.
Time:   1 hour Approximate cost in USD
Price:   1500B for 1
1300B each for 3
1100B each for 5
  900B each for 7

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